Friday, April 13, 2007

Camp Cromwell 11/04/07

Jim's Brits Hit the Beach v. SteveP's Grenadiers

An 88 bunker dominated the ground behind the sea wall & although it shot badly, the wall & hard going slowed the advance of the AVsRE & Shermans enough so they had to die eventually.
The Infantry came forward in waves as always against 2 grenadier platoons dug in around HMGs & tank turrets. Mortars gave the Huns fire support & even though reduced to 2 by the Prelim Bombardment they did a lot of effective pinning on the crowds. The 105s were the first German reinforcements and they too did a lot of effective pinning (& killing).
The RAF was totally useless - didn't even get a pin all night.
Eventually the Grunts got the 88 bunker & the first objective, but the 2nd objective was too many missed unpins away.
Yet another minor German victory. I think I explained the scenario to Steve too well (I shouldn't have suggested that %&$#% 88 bunker).

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