Thursday, April 19, 2007

Camp Cromwell 19/04/07

Jim's British Rifles v. SteveJ's Grenadier
1500 pts FE Breakthrough, Brits attacking, 6x4 Western Europe diced battlefield.

Steve probably chose the wrong quarters to defend as the Attackers could put one objective right out in the open & the other was on the same side of a wooded creek as the reserves come-on zone. The Brits kept the Huns busy with artillery and an an infantry probe through the woods waiting for the right time to strike. Their first reserves, the 3rd Rifles, came on on turn 3 but it was immediately pinned down by heavy fire from the Paks firing through the gap in the trees at the bridge & a Grenadier Platoon that had moved up to the creek line. The 3rd Rifles were all dead on turn 5, but by then the Churchills had arrived to take over holding the far objective. Simultaneously, the M10s & Bugs charged out from behind the woods towards the centre objective. The Paks were destroyed by artillery & M10 fire. The Grenadiers might have made a suicide charge at the Churchills, but there was no point as the Huns had no way of getting the Bugs off the central objective. An easy win for the Brits though only a 5:2 win on the dumb VP system.

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