Friday, April 13, 2007

Camp Cromwell 12/04/07

Nick & Alex's Seleucids v. Jim & James' Pergumenes using Camp Cromwell Ancient Rules

The Pergumenes held back their weak phalanx in the centre hoping their superior light infantry would weaken the Selucid phalanx as it andanced and that their cavalry could win on the wings. Their plan worked pretty well except that all their irregular allies who won promptly pursued off the table - but that was better than the Seleucid allies who generally lost & ran away. The Seleucid phalanx did lose a few going in but won anyway. The big hit against the Seleucids was losing their Argaraspids to a 2:1 attack by peltasts - that was 2 Morale points they couldn't afford to lose and Game Over.
I tried out a new Command System with no order writing but dice to activate movement. It worked ok, but I'm still not entirely happy. FOW has raised the bar high in the rules business.

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