Thursday, April 05, 2007

Camp Cromwell 05/04/07

FOW D-Day: Queen Red Beach Scenario

Jim's Grenadiers
Nick & SteveJ's British Rifles
Also present Andrew, Dean & Nick's FIL

The Huns got off pretty lightly on the Prelim Bombardment in terms of losses, but then had a lot of trouble unpinning.
The smaller bunkers fell quickly but the 88 bunker was harder to get to and held out keeping the Brit armour huddled up the beach or behind obstacles.
Despite spending most of the time pinned down, Strongpoint COD held out pretty well - not falling until a combined Avre & Infantry attack under smoke cover on Turn 10.
The Allies had learned from last week that the rear objective is just as important as the close one and Nick pressed forward towards it on the left.
The Germans eventually remembered their artillery "Across the Volga" and it soon made itself felt slowing down the advance. The one HMG in Strongpoint Sole also caused a lot of strife (and lead a charmed life). German reinforcements were slow to come, but their Veteran Grenadiers & Scouts did arrive soon enough to reinforce the defence of the rear objective. With time running out Nick made a desperate attack. His Shermans got stuck in the bog. Infantry closed with the Grenadiers & forced a retreat, but then failed morale leaving only the M10s. The 2 M10s that survived the 88 & the artillery burst through the bockage and drove the Grenadiers off the objective on turn 11. The Germans had 2 chances in their turn 11 to take it back - the Grenadiers and the Scouts. The Grenadiers unpinned & counterattacked the M10s and this time won. The Scouts weren't required.

The Allies are learning. They almost won this time.

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