Friday, March 30, 2007

Camp Cromwell 29/03/07

D-Day Utah Beach Scenario

Jim's US Inf v. SteveJ's Grenadiers (Nick helping with rules checks)
It looked bad for the Germans when their entire rear box and half their grunts were wiped out by the Preliminary Bombardment.
But the front line of HMGs & A/T guns survived intact & together with 2 bunkers gave the GIs a hot enough welcome to Europe.
The US made slow progress moving up to attack under a hail of fire as 1 by 1 the Sherman DDs were attritted away, but the front line of bunkers, A/T & HMG eventually fell. Then the Yanks attacked the depleted Grenadiers behind with 3 GI platoons and the last tank plus fire support from HMGs & mortars.
The Grenadiers died hard - they got the tank, destroyed 1 platoon with fire power, beat another off hand to hand, and finally died to the last man - but the surviving GIs failed morale anyway.
There were plenty of Yanks still coming up to secure the front objective, but German reinforcements had come up to defend the rear objective and there was no way the Yanks could take it within the time limit.
The pic shows the Grenadiers still holding the trenchline as reserves come on in rear.
A Minor Axis Victory.
A rattling good game - the Germans get their rocks off killing heaps of Allies, while the Allies don't have to care too much because there's plenty more where they came from. This game looked hopeless for the Germans after the preliminary Bombardment wiped out half of them, but it was the wrong half dead for the US. But the invaders did better than last week - they are moving up the learning curve.

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