Friday, March 23, 2007

Camp Cromwell 21/03/07

Jim & James' US Infantry (1,750 pts)
Hit the Beach v.
Nick & MarkO's Grenadiers (1,000 pts)

The Yanks soon discovered they were on a steep learning curve and starting at the bottom of it.
They quickly learned a few things, including:
- Germans are damned hard to hit with naval gunfire, airpower or landing craft mounted Priests.
- Getting off the landing craft is a dicey business - the tide takes them all over the place, they often don't get ashore at all - then they get stuck & can't go back for more troops.
- Getting pinned on the beach is very, very nasty.
- Pill boxes are a pain.

The Germans were at first a bit dismayed by the fact that the Yanks just kept on coming (destroyed infantry platoons become reinforcements). But they soon felt better when they realised that they could just as easily kill them all over again.

After 10 turns (of 12 max) the US conceded a Major Defeat as they had no platoons even close to taking an objective. They had managed to get just 3 platoons off the beach. Two had subsequently been destroyed, but one engineer platoon survived well below half strength skulking in a wood to deny the Huns a Stunning Victory.

The pic shows the first wave of US inf hitting the beach in front of 2 tank turret bunkers & a 75mm bunker. The village is infested with Huns too.

Comment: The Hit the Beach scenario was a bit of work the first time with lots of new rules to look up, but it was an interesting challenge & we all enjoyed it. The Kiwis have done another good job & we'll certainly be doing more of this - well worth the effort of making up the Beach & bunkers (which was fun anyway).

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