Monday, March 12, 2007

Camp Cromwell 08/03/07

Battalion game - 2x1500pts a side FFA.

Germans: SteveJ CiC, MarkO's Grenadiers, Greg's Luftwaffe.
US: Jim CiC, Andrew's Infantry, Nick's Armour.

The US attacked with the armour on the right and dug in with the GIs on the left.
The Huns dug in left & centre & used 2x priority Henshells to disrupt Nick's attack.
On the Hun right they advanced with a looted KV supported by infantry.

Nick's attack fell apart under a barrage of Henschells, Semoventes, Marders & Pak 40s. Andrew was sent forward to exploit the weakness on the Hun left created by their concentrating on Nick. The 105s got the 88s & HMGs, Infantry swarmed & captured the looted KV then beat the leading Luftwaffe infantry platoon, but it was too little too late. On the other flank, Nick failed morale & there was nothing to stop the Semoventes taking the objective. A win for the Germans.

It was good to have some new players - Greg visiting for WA & Andrew a newbie we met at A52. Greg had some differing interpretations to rules which made us think a bit.

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