Monday, March 19, 2007

Northern Group 20/03/07


Battle of Lin CopingLeft Flank to centre: Rodney 2 Divisions of Danish with allied Divisions 1 French & 1 German Chris linking to Byron the Right Flank with 1 French Division.Opposing the Danes were Swedish forces led by Heinz, Scott in the centre & Richard holding the weaker left flank with a Large Brigade.The Terrain and troop types made it difficult for the French to attack up the right, so forces were transfered towards the centre while trying to pin down some of the Swedes. The Swedish 12 pounders were dishing out some damage just left of centre while the real action was on the Danish left flank.Casualties were fairly even on the Danes left due to good artillery die rolls by Rodney. However Heinz captured some guns using skirmishers and beat off 2 columns of Danes near the centre.The battle is only started and there could be a lot more action in a fortnights time when it resumes. This is one of the biggest and most important battles of the Campaign so far.

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