Sunday, March 18, 2007

Area 52 18/03/2007

Ben and Nick. Ben was encountered on the Area 52 web site, discussing warmaster. After much indecision, they finally managed to arrange a game of warhammer ancients (Ben didnt have enough figures for Warmaster).

The battle was 2000 points of Romans vs Gauls. The Gauls had 4 large warbands, a warband of fanatics, and some cavalry. The Romans had 7 small maniples of romans and some cavalry and skirmishers.

Ben was experienced in Warhammer, whereas Nick was learning.

The dice decided the game was 4 turns. Given the short timeframe, the barbarians had a very sophisticated strategy -- charge at full tilt. Ben maneuvered carefully with his Romans. However, critical dice rolls were disasters. His cavalry lost to the Gallic cavalry. His skirmishers lost to the Gallic skirmishers. And one maniple was charged by the Gauls and ran away, panicking a good 1/2 of his army. At this point the Roman stubbonness and finesse kicked in. Ben managed to rally the Romans, and using manipular maneuvers, started really destroying the Gauls.

By turn 4 the Gauls had destroyed one maniple frontally, and their cavalry had enveloped both sides of the Romans. But the Romans had effectivly destroyed the Gallic fanatic warband in the center, and were poised to roll up the Gallic line from the hole created.

The end result was a big win to the the Gauls, but one more turn would have seen the Romans even the odds dramatically, as the Gallic center collapsed.

A good game -- lots of fun, and warhammer in 15mm with all distances halved worked out well.

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