Friday, March 02, 2007

Camp Cromwell 01/03/07

Russian Front two v. two 1500 pts (p188 rules)

Greg Turkich's Luftwaffe v. SteveJ's Strelkovy in an Encounter
MarkO's Panzers v. Jim's Strelkovy in a Cauldron (Russians defending)

Jim stacked the Cauldron with 2 Strelkovy (1 of 3 & 1 of 2 platoons) with 5T34s & 3 KVs in reserve.
Mark had 5MkIII & 2 MkIV* HQ with 5MkIV* in reserve.
Greg's Luftwaffe had 2 Infantry, Engineers, HMGs, a KV, Marders, 88s, Semoventes & Henshells.
SteveJ had 2 Strelkovy, 5KV1s, 2 A/T & AA.

Mark settled down to blast the Russians out of their fox holes while waiting for his MkIV*s to arrive. Jim's Strelkovy kept their heads down & waited for the armour. When the armour arrived a long range tank duel broke out. Greg gave Mark some support from his side of the table with Marders, Semos, 88s & Henshells, but it wasn't enough. The Russians supported their armour with infantry attacks and destroyed both Panzer platoons. The Russians lost an infantry platoon and half their armour. Mark's HQ hang around for a while before failing Coy morale, but the Russians gained victory on that flank by the Germans not having anyone within 40cm of an objective after Turn 6.

Meanwhile on the other flank Steve charged forwards through the woods as the Germans set themselves up for defence - including the pioneers setting up a line of wire. The KVs got bogged often in the woods & on the wire & were pretty ineffective. The Strelkovy made hard work of it on the wire as the Germans counterattacked with Infantry, their looted KV & Semos (brought back from the other flank). Steve's guys just ran out of bodies and failed morale before Jim's remaining Strelkovy could get across to take an objective.

Thus the double battle was a win & a loss for both sides - an overall draw. It was interesting to play someone from WA & see some different ways of doing things.

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