Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Fort Floreat 27/02/2007

Six Players in attendance this week Jim couldn't make it. However the guys fought on without him.

FFA 3000pts -- Doug Aussies & Rob Brat Light Armour vs. Grenadiers Starn & Dak Aggro

The British tanks swarmed on the allied left flank while the Aussies kept the Grenadiers at bay on the right. A convincing win to the allied forces.

We have enough armies in launceston now to do a Comprehensive African Campaign. I may have to get it organised if i can tear myself away from the Warhammer fantasy! Armies for North Africa:
Darren Brat light Armour
Gary French Brat infantry
Matt French & Mike Cole italians
Chris as much DAK as you need
Starn & Aggro more Germs
Doug Aussies & others
Nick USA & Aggro USA
Sam Brat infantry (Commandos)

Warhammer Battles Chris High Elves vs. James Bretonnian Knights
The High Elves won both games by using their larger number of units and out manuevering the heavily armoured Bretonnians. I changed my army composition dropping alll the useless archers. The High Elves seem to go much better with more Heavy Cavalry units!

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