Saturday, February 03, 2007

Camp Cromwell 25/01/07

Late War 600 pts Oakes Minor's Grenadiers v. Oakes Major's Fucilieri in FFA.

After the Itie artillery destroyed the Pak 40s as they moved up & the Itie's allied Shermans took out the German HMGs things looked grim for the Feurer. The Fucilieri & Shermans rushed forward at the lone Tiger but then ran out of luck. The smoke barrage failed to arrive giving the Tiger easy shots at the Shermans. Then the Fucilieri failed tank terror (even with rerolls for the CIC) 3 turns in row as the Tiger back pedalled out of trouble & the Grenadiers came up & finished off the Fucilieri. The few surviving Grenadiers skulked in a wood out of sight of the Itie artillery while the Tiger mopped up on its own.

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