Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Camp Cromwell 13/02/07

Marengo 1945

A FOW scenario using the terrain of Marengo 1800.

Jim's Grenadiers v. MarkO's British Italian Vets - 2000 pts FE.
Scenario = modified HTL: Half Brits on table at start & holding Marengo. Germans deployed up to 15cm from creek in front of Marengo. Marengo is the objective, but if the Brits lose it they have until 10.30 to take it back.
Grenadiers: 3 Inf, HMGs, Mortars, 3 Pak 40s, 2 88s, 2 37mm AA, 105s + 2 Tigers.
Brit Vets: 3 Inf, HMGs, Heavy Mortars, 3 Churchill VI, 4 M10 3", double 25 pdrs, Limited Hurricanes.

The Brits deployed with Infantry in Marengo & Castel Ceriolo, HMGs between & slightly behind & Artillery in rear.
The Germans advanced with the 3 Inf abreast. Mortars & HMGs followed up thru the swamp on the left. The Tigers supported the advance on Marengo (right flank). The Artillery & AA were in rear. All spread out as much as possible in a confined space in fear of Murders.

The German attack had mixed results: The centre Grenadiers got Murdered & pinned down. The LHS Grenadiers stormed Castel Ceriolo with bearable losses. The RHS Grenadiers were pinned in their assault on Marengo and were then gunned down.

The Germans dug in in Castel Ceriolo. The centre platoon was unpinned and shifted right while the Tigers kept the Brit HMGs busy. A second (more careful) attack on Marengo with Tigers & Infantry then succeded.

The Germans cobbled up a defence around the Grenadiers in Marengo as the Churchills & M10s came up. The 25 pdrs continued to eat away at the Germans without delivering a knockout blow. The RAF came occasionally, the AA sent them off sometimes, but when they got thru the AA, they kept missing the Tigers anyway. The 105s delayed the Brit infantry reserves. Then the M10s got a bit too close to the Germans for their own good. The Tigers popped one with a Marder shuffle. 2 M10s tried to gang up on a Tiger but missed & promptly evaporated. The other one tried to get an SP AA, missed and got splattered with 37mm fire.

Now with no M10s & their infantry either dead or delayed, the Brits weren't going to get to Marengo on time with the Churchills alone, so they conceded.

This week the reserves didn't come on throwing 6's & the "Austrians" took Marengo & held it. The critical thing was the survival of both pussies. The Piat in Marengo, the Hurricanes & the M10s all kept missing them. One did get bogged attacking the HMGs over a creek but the HMGs couldn't counterattack & it survived. It was interesting to fight on a battlefield with so much terrain - for instance getting observers where they could see was a big deal.
The pic shows Marengo and its defences at the end - scary eh! I think my investment in a second Tiger is repaid already.

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