Monday, February 26, 2007

Area 52 Sunday 25/02/07

600 Point FOW Midwar Tournament

8 players turned up, 5 from Camp Cromwell. All battles were FFA on 4x3 tables. There were 7 tables set up & the players generally used a different table for each of their battles.

Round 1: Nick d. Andrew
SteveP d. SteveJ
Grigsy d. James
Jim d. Mark

Round 2: Nick d. SteveP
SteveJ d. Mark
Jim d. Grigsy
Andrew d. James

Round 3: Nick d. Jim
James d. Mark
SteveJ d. Grigsy
SteveP d. Andrew


3 wins: Nick (Panzer)
2 wins: SteveP (Strelkovy)
2 wins: SteveJ (Grenadier)
2 wins: Jim (Carri)
1 win: James (British Light Armour)
1 win: Grigsy (Grenadier)
1 win: Andrew (US Infantry)
0 wins: Mark (Tankovy)

It's a pity we didn't quite have enough time to squeeze another round in but everyone had a good time. Some of the battles were very close - perhaps the worst case being Nick v. SteveP where both sides were reduced to their HQ & were taking turns checking who's Coy morale would fail first until Nick's HQ gunned down the Russian HQ.

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