Saturday, February 24, 2007

Camp Cromwell 22/02/07

Game 1: Jim's Bersaliglieri attacking Nick's US Paras in 600 pts Fighting Withdrawal (4x3 table).

The Itie 75s had trouble ranging in on dug in GTG verterans & did little to help.
The L6s were whittled away by Bazookas, lost their commander and were beaten back.
Nick's ambush ensured that the Bersaliglieri ran onto a wall of fire from 2 intermixed infantry platoons & died before charging home.
It was all over in 2 turns.

Game 2: Nick's Panzers attacking Jim's Brit Rifles in 600 pts Breakthrough (4x3 table).

The Brit Heavy Mortars were all but destroyed on turn 1 when Jim failed to find a place to put them out of charge range of the Panzers (5 MkIII).
On turn 2 the Brit Rifles were broken into 2 parts by the Panzers which then stood back & took pot shots while waiting for the right time to strike.
The MkIIs came on on turn 4 & the 2 pdrs managed to kill 1.
On turn 5 the Panzers rushed the objective. The 2 pdrs had no hope of killing enough Panzers in 1 turn (even if they had unpinned) so the Germans won holding an objective at the start of their turn 6.

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