Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Fort Floriet 17/04/07

Jim's Indians v. Agro's DAK Panzer

1500 pts Breakthrough - Indians defending
Doug did rules checks & gratuitous advice. Chris & Richard played Medieval Fantasy stuff in the other room (nice 28mm figs though).

The DAK put their M14s & MkIIs in flank attack and had HQ + 2 three tank platoons (mixed MkIIIJ's & MkIVF1's) & Lorraine S's on the table.
The Indians had 3 Rifle platoons & Valentines ready to move onto the objectives, 2 RA batteries deployed with good fields of fire & Boffors right in the centre. As the DAK had no infanttry or soft vehicles, the HMGs & Mortar's only use was to deploy forward to force the DAK to deploy back a bit.

The Huns launched two attacks - the Panzers straight up the middle and the flank attack.

The Panzer attack came seriously unstuck when Agro lifted the smoke barrage off the Boffors to try & neutralise the 25pdrs. The Boffors, with the help of some side shots wiped out the lead Panzer platoon in one turn. Agro then decided more discretion was required & the other Panzers changed course to go round the hills on the left to avoid the same fate. The battle was over before they got back into the action.

The flank attack started well with the M14s coming first roll on turn 3 & the MkIIs on turn 4. The M14s mowed down most of the 3rd Rifles who had just got to the rear objective but not had a chance to dig in. The Valentines came up hull down on the ridge next to the objective. The M14s charged forward to get flanking shots. As they couldn't hurt the Valentines, the MkIIs attacked the 2nd Rifles deployed in support of the 1st rifles which held the central objective. The 2nd rifles beat the MkIIs off with moderate losses. The 25 pdrs now had long range shots at the M14s & MkIIs and began to slowly whittle them away. The MkIIs charged again. This time the 2nd rifles fought to last man then broke off. The MkIIs continued on to attack the 1st Rifles but were beaten off with heavy losses. It was now turn 6 & the game was now in the balance with a tank from each side within 10cm of the the rear objective - but both bailed. The M14 didn't unbail & the sound Valentine survived. The bailed Valentine didn't unbail either, but the remaining fighting one & the 25pdrs got enough hits to force a morale check on the M14s. The M14s failed morale & the 25pdrs popped the last MkII to force a Coy Morale Test - which the Germans failed. On the FOW scale it was a 6:1 win, which just shows how stupid their VP system is as it was actually a very close game.

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