Sunday, September 09, 2007

At Griggsy's 06/07/09

The Kingston guys started their Club Comp last Thursday with 3 x 1500 pt FE games. They are planning to do as much of a round robin as they manage. Each player has a fixed FE 1500 pt list for the duration.

Steve's Strelkovy d. Mark's Canadians

This was a Fighting Withdrawal, Mark defending. Steve put both Strelkovy on his left, Gods spread right across his rear & 2 JS's in the middle. His hordes (see pic 2) just overwhelmed Mark's right before he had a chance to remove any objectives.

Smithy's Panzer Grenadiers d. Keith's British Rifles

An Encounter Battle. Keith did have a bit of luck with his Typhoons taking out the Kingtiger (see pic 3 for burning KT), but that was the extent of his joy. His Churchills turned up on the wrong flank and didn't get into the action. His reserves arrived too late. Their desperate attack to retake their lost objective shuddered to a halt under the MGs of the Panzergrenadiers.

Red's US Vets d. Griggsy's Grenadiers

Another Encounter Battle. Things didn't look good for the US at the start - the Germans had one objective nicely placed on a Difficult hill protected by Grenadiers, the other tucked in a corner nicely protected by more Grenadiers plus a Kingtiger. But the Shermans charged forward anyway. The Kingtiger was surrounded and destroyed by a lucky side shot, but 3 Stugs had come on and the victorious Shermans were clearly not long for this world. In the centre another Sherman Platoon + 2IC charged over the hill at the Grenadiers (see pic 4). 2 got bogged down, one got pinned by a bazooka, but the other appeared to be manned by John Wayne - the terrified Grenadiers fled abandoning the objective. Griggsy desperately threw his AA half tracks up the hill to dispute the objective, but the first got taken out by John Wayne & the other got bogged down. A surprising win for the US - goes to show that fortune favours the brave.


Anonymous said...

I spy a panther recovery vechical

Anonymous said...

tiger,tiger burning bright -----
where are the protective 3.7 aa

Peter Moy said...

very impressive mr griggs