Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Camp Cromwell 11/09/07

Kunnersdorf April 1945 (an historical scenario set up by SteveJ).

Germans (Jim & SteveJ)
HQ, HMGs, 2 CT Gren, Mortars, 3 Pak 40s, 3 SPAA, 2 KTs + in reserve 2 KTs (diced from turn 3) & 3 Panthers (diced from turn 6) = 2475pts

Russians (MarkO, Barrie, Byron)
HQ T34/85, 2 x 10 T34/85, 5 ISU122, 5 JS2, 1 Motostrelkovy, Limited Sturmoviks = 3400pts

The Germans started dug in & GTG. The Russians started at the other end.
Russian victory condition was for the Russians to get 5 tanks past the Germans & off the far edge.

Steve's Grenadiers were on the left with the Pak 40s & his KT & AA behind. Jim's Grenadiers on the right with his KT & mortars behind.

The Russians advanced as fast as they could in an effort to over-run the Germans before their reinforcements could arrive. The T34s were fastest and concentrated on Jim's flank advancing in two waves, Byron in front, Barrie behind. Mark's JSs & ISUs advanced on Steve's flank. The Motostrelkovy in the centre got hit by mortar fire & pinned down as soon as they got out of their trucks - they never got into the action. The Sturmoviks mostly got shot down by the AA, but Steve's KT had a narrow escape when one got thru the barrage. After that they seemed to lose interest and didn't show up again.

Byron's T34s lost a few going in, but hit the Grenadier screen and killed half of it before it pulled back. Then the 2 KTs came on from reserve at the perfect moment (on the second try) and the Grenadiers counterattacked. The 3 KTs plus Panzerschreck & Panzerfaust killed or bailed the rest of Byron's T34s and the Grenadiers passed tank terror to finish the platoon off. Barrie's T34s then came up, destroyed the Grenadiers and swarmed the 3
KTs. The KT's beautiful camo jobs were so effective the Russians missed their side shots when they had a chance. Then Steve got the Panthers to come on on their second throw - the T34s did get one KT, but they were outgunned and quickly dispatched.

Meanwhile on the other flank the Russian big gun tanks wiped the Pak40s then over-ran the Grenadiers while Steves KT whittled the Russians tanks away. Mark had 4 tanks left when the losses on the other flank (including HQ) meant Russian Coy Morale failure and German victory.

The Germans thoroughly enjoyed getting their rocks off in a Turkey shoot with their big pussys, but it was still a close run thing. The Germans put up a good defence, but: that Strurmovik only just missed Steve's KT, the German reserves both turned up promptly & the T34's shot badly when they had a chance to hurt the KTs. If any one of those things had gone the other way, the result may well have been different.
Pic 1: How far can that #$%&er fire ?
Pic 2: 20 T34/ KT...come & get it !
Pic 3: The cavalry arrives.
Pic 4: On the other flank Steve's mobile pill box stands its ground.

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