Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Camp Cromwell 18/09/07

Very Late War

Another one of SteveJ's scenarios at the gates of Berlin with over 3000 pts a side.

Jim & James' Germans: 14 Tiger Is in 3 Platoons, 5 Panthers, 2 AA Plats & 1 Grenadier Plat
Byron & SteveJ's Russians: 2 T34/85 Plats of 10, 2 JS Plats of 5, 2 Strelkovy plus limited air.
The Russians to win by getting 5 tanks off the far end of the table.
The table was dominated by a large town in the centre.

The Germans deployed the Grenadiers in the rear half of the town. The Panthers & a Tiger Plat on the left reqar. A Tiger Plat on the right rear & the small Tiger Plat behind the town. There was one AA on each flank & this succeded in driving off the Red`Airforce almost every time. Only once did a plane get though & it missed its target.

The first Russian rush on their right shuddered to a halt when Jim's Panthers & Tigers lept forward & smashed the front row of T34s. The Riussians then became more circumspect & advanced the infantry through the town in front of the armour. There was a confused fight in the town with tanks sniping at each other down the streets. The Grenadiers gave ground to the Strelkovy falling back to the rear edge of the town & their Tiger support to stand again.

Steve renewed the attack on the right with JSs in support of the T34s. The Panthers lost 2 to the JSs, 2 were bailed & 1 was captured by infantry - then they failed morale. But the Tigers wiped out the T34s and then slogged it out with the JSs, helped greatly by Byron getting one bogged in a hedgerow & not getting it free until the rest of the Platoon was dead.

The fight in the town became a stalemate as the 1st Strelkovy & the Grenadiers slaughtered each other but refused to fail morale and burning tanks of both sides blocked up the streets.

At 11pm we agreed to a draw. The battle probably would have been better with a few less troops so we could have fought it right out in the time available. The Germans got a bit of a shock meeting JSs for the first time - we found out why they made KTs.

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