Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Isdonisgrad Campaign Turn 1

Excerpt from the papers of General Guisseppi Gandini - part 3.

These are documents found at the home of a Signora Gandini in Montepulciano, Italy during the advance of 1944. They provide much valuable information on the Isdonisgrad campaign in Russia September 1942. The papers have been translated from the original Italian by Lt Sneak-Jones, British Intelligence.

This part concerns Turn 1 of the Isdonisgrad Campaign

Jayfivsk, Russia
7 September 1942

Mamma Mia,

Last week, it was a very disappointing start to my new command. This Russian weather was so bad I had to delay the attack for a week. First it rain for days, then I have to wait for the mud to dry so my Fiat she not get dirty.

But today, it all changed and all is bellissimo! The sun shine and the Panzers rolled. In just one day my men have blitzed 2 hexes into Russia on both flanks. My troops are already at the gates of Myskina & Isdonisgrad is almost surrounded.

Only at Jayfivisk, just south of Isdonisgrad did the Ivans make a stand. There, Kapitan Hundzuchter’s Grenadier Coy, they pinned down a Strelkovy Coy while I send forward Kapitan Jendich’s & Kapitan Steurmann’s Panzers from my cunningly placed reserve. The Russians tried a flank attack on our left, but our mortars, grenadiers & panzers stopped them dead in their boots. The rest of the Russians then fled in a rabble before my Panzers.

Mamma, I’m so pleased with myself! Herr Hitler will be so happy, I’ll not get shot. And maybe he give me the Iron Cross. Very clever these Germans - the Iron Cross they hang round tour neck on a ribbon - that way you don’t got to take any gold braid off your uniform to pin it on. Is a nice medal too.



PS: I enclose some pics from the battle.
1. Shows the start of the battle - Russians on the right.
2. Is picture of Kapitans Hundzuchter, Jendrich & Steurmann.
3. Shows the Ivan flank attack being destroyed.
4. Map of battlefield.
Battle casualties as recorded on attached note:
Germans: 1/105, 1 team Grenadiers.
Russians: Strelkovy Coy: Red Plat 1 inf, Blue Plat 5 inf+1HMG, 1ATR
Militia Coy: HQ destroyed, 1st Militia Plat reduced to Cmd+4Inf

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