Friday, January 04, 2008

Camp Cromwell 03/01/08

Maharajah 2007 Preliminary Final 2

Nick's US Light Armour v. MarkO's Fucilieri in an Encounter Mission.
Mark deployed Infantry about the objective in the vineyards on his right, 105s around the centre objective, Pak38s & 88s on the hills between.
Nick put down 1 Honey platoon on his left, while in the centre he had HQ, 2 Honey platoons, SPAA & SP 105s.
The Axis dug in while the US advanced immediately. On turn 2 the Regio Aeronautica took out an entire Honey platoon (3 killed, the rest failed morale - see pic 1) while the USAF took out an 88 - but that was the end of effective action for both air forces. The US 105s paid their way by smoking the surviving 88 for the rest of the battle. The lead Honey platoon took the central objective while the other provided fire support. But even with the 88s out of it, the Axis managed to kill one of the Honeys on the objective & bailed enough to force a morale test which they failed. The 3rd Honey platoon with the HQ attacked then retook the objective. This time the Ities got some Fucilieri from reserve in the right place to come on and contest. But by now there were only 1 105 & 1 Pak able to fire at the Honeys & they seemed to have run out of luck - they did little while the Honeys drove the Fucilieri away and again retook the objective (see pic 3). Another Fucilieri came on to dispute it but they too were mown down leaving the Ities with nobody able to dispute the objective & not enough firepower to dislodge the Honeys. So it was a hard fought victory to Nick.

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