Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Camp Cromwell 22/01/08

Seleucis (SteveJ) v. Pergumum (MarkO) - using Camp Cromwell Rules
Also present: Byron & PeterM.

With both sides inexperienced in the new rules system, niether side did much in the way of cunning manoeuvres. There were long dice fests on some parts of the front and noone did much in the way of flanking manouvres. The Pergumenes won the infantry fight on their right, but their victorious grotties ran into the phalanx and were eventually beaten, and the poorly trained Pergumene citizen phalanx was too unmanouvrable to exploit its win. Eventually, the Seleucids got the upper hand in the cavalry fight on their right, rallied their Companions & Greek Heavy cavalry and turned them on the centre. When they defeated the cataphracts it was game over for Pergumum.
The pic is taken behind the Seleucid right. On the far end the Seleucid Phalanx has just routed the Galacians (turned about, but not yet moved in rout). The Pergumene Citizen Phalanx is next, then the Pergumene Cataphracts are about to be gang charged by the Argaraspids, Companions & Greek Horse.

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