Thursday, January 17, 2008

Camp Cromwell 15/01/08

Maharajah Trophy 2007 - Grand Final

SteveJ's Panzers v. Nick's US Armour
2000 pts LW FFA

2 x 3MkIV
3 MkV
1 MkVI
2 x 2 SPAA
1 x2 recon

HQ 2 Sherman
5 Sherman
5 Sherman M4/76
4 M18 TDs
Mech Inf
3 SP105

Both sides deployed virtually all their forces on the one side of the table (German right, US left) where a ridge separated the deployment areas. Nick rushed forward onto the ridge in a mass. Steve countered by popping tanks onto the ridge to fire & then stormtroopering back. The Luftwaffe mostly failed to turn up and missed out on the juicy targets, and the Germans missed some stormtrooper rolls leaving the odd Panzer out to dry. But on the other hand after some early success Nick's shooting was hopeless (eg: A Panther survived being outflanked by 2M18) and while the MkIVs copped a pounding, their morale held. After a few turns of furious firing the US armour was mostly destroyed taking only 2 AA, 3 MkIVs and no pussies with it.
Nick decided the attack could not go on and pulled back with his survivors to defend his objectives with infantry supported by the remaining tanks & the 105s. Steve followed up cautiously on his right with the Panthers, recon & HQ while sending his Tiger, 2 MkIV & SPAA around the left of the big hill. Nick needed some hot dice for his artillery & surviving tanks to get out of it now. He just didn't get them and the Germans mopped up the last tanks, so Nick conceded.
It was a decisive victory in the end, but it was in the balance for a good while. Nick had his chances, but just couldn't take them.
So SteveJ is Camp Cromwell's Champion for 2007.

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