Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Camp Cromwell 29/01/08

Isdonisgrad campaign battle in hex J5

The Isdonisgrad campaign is back on track after a long break for Mahrajah. It was Turn 4 (Russian's move) & they attacked on a 3 hex wide front. On their left, the Panzergrenadiers fell back before a Strelk. On their right Motostrelkovy are making what has to be a pinning attack against 2 German Coys. The centre, hex J5 is their main attack.

Nick's Tankovy + Strelkovy
Steve's Panzers + Jim's Grenadiers

Nick's force included his two biggest Battalions. His force included 8/KVs, 10/T34s, 8/T28, 2 Strelkovy Coys, Pioneers plus plus 4 lots of rockets & mortars + Sturmos.
The Germans had 2 Grenadiers, Mortars, Pioneers, 2/HMGs, 3/105s, 1/88, 2/Pak 40s, 2/SPAA, 6/MkIVF2, 6/MkIVF1 + Hs129s.

The Germans deployed in a defensive line, Infantry on the left, Panzers on the right in or behind a large wood.
The Russians deployed the KVs & T34s left of centre, 2 Strelk on their right, Pioneers on their left, Rockets & mortars in rear & attacked immediately.

The Germans started off well with the Hs129's & 105s destroying the T28s in one combined attack. Steve did a Marder shuffle with the Panzers in the wood & popped a couple of T34s. But on the left Jim did poorly with digging in leaving the Pioneers vulnerable to the approaching swarm. Steve was lucky with bogging rolls in the woods but Gandini ordered him to pull back before he ran out of luck. The Russians advanced steadily but lost the odd T34 each turn to 105s or Steves opportunistic sniping. But the KVs were invincible (at least in Gandini's head) so on turn 4 the Germans started a general withdrawal (delaying it a turn longer than legally required to have one more shot at some good targets). They got away with moderate losses.

Total loses (after the Russians as winners got 1/3 back were):
Germans: 7 Infantry, 1AA HT, 1 MkIVF1, 1 MkIVF2, 1 Pak 40.
Russians: 10 Infantry, 3 T28, 4 T34.

The pic is taken from behind the German right. Some burning Russian tanks mark their advance. Steve waits with his Lehr dice ready

The KVs had Gandini beaten before the battle started & the Axis started the battle with the intent of doing a bit of damage & then getting out of there. But the way things went, if he'd allowed Steve to be more aggressive they might have won. But with the KVs having a charmed life under the 105 templates he decided the Panzers were too precious & the risk was too great.

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