Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Gaming Garage 22/7/2008

A quiet evening. Two games of DBA.

Nick (Hannibal) vs Steve (Scipio).

Steve's first game of DBA. Steve made a mistake in splitting his army up, and the Carthaginians moved to exploit it. However, you can't beat good dice rolling, and the Carthaginians collapsed in the face of the Roman pila.

Nick (Leonidas) vs Steve (Xerces).

Steve learnt from his first game and did a masterful double envelopment. However, when things looked bad for the Greeks the Hoplites finally got to grips with the Imortals. The Immortals proven to be pansies rather than he-men, and the Persians collapsed. (The dice gods returned the favor from the first game).

Games was then interrupted by the revelation that Bowler the Younger had spent the whole evening surfing the net rather than finishing his assignment that was due in two days. Incentivization techniques had to be used.

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