Sunday, July 13, 2008

Visit to Hotel des Invalides, Paris

The Hotel d'Invalides in Paris includes the Musee de l'Armee and the tomb of Napoleon.
Their WWI & II section doesn’t have much big stuff, but some nice little stuff. Of course the coolest stuff is German. Items of note included a very cute Pak36, a Goliath, a V1 & a V2. I expected the V2 to be bigger than it was – pity I couldn’t get a better pic of it hanging the stairwell. Not much armour - just one nice little French tank & a couple of turrets.
The Medieval section has enough arms & armour to start the 100 Years War again.
I was most disappointed to find that the bit I most wanted to see – the 18th-19th century part was closed for reorganisation. A few guns in the arcade was the only Napoleonic stuff on display.
Napoleon’s tomb is very impressive.

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Excellent Jim. Keep the updates coming.

Rich Little