Friday, July 25, 2008

Gaming Garage 25/07/2008

Field of Glory, Indians (Carl) vs Macedoneans (Nick), with Craig assisting.

Another trial of these rules. Deployment was slow and complex. Which is generally a good description of the rules in general. But this author enjoyed them as they had minimal record keeping, and once the rules were explained they seemed to flow.

The macedoneans had the terrain advantage, having a superior general. Their aim was to deploy hills everywhere, and find a nice protected defile they could march the pikemen through. This plan failed. They did however get a hill on the Indians left that restricted the Indian deployment. The Macedoneans then had the deployment advantage, and tried to deploy the Macedonean companians last and pick their attack. However, due to terrain, the Macedonean cavalry had to deploy in front of the Indian chariots, cavalry, and some archers -- the worst possible position.

The Macedonean plan was to use the pikes as an anvil to the companions being the hammer. But it worked the other way, with the pikemen going through the Indians like a knife through butter, while the companions were in a desperate fight for survival. Eventually the companions defeated their opposition -- largely through having Alexander lead them. But by that time the Indian right had dissapeared under the boots of the advancing phalanx.

Picture is Carl completing the deployment of the Indians.

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