Sunday, July 27, 2008

Gaming Garage 27/7/2008

Chris (Alexander) vs Nick (Poros), Warhammer Ancient Battles.

We used the same troops as we had for the Fields of Glory game two days before. The Alexandrian cavalry charged on each flank, taking out the Indian chariots and the Indian Elephants! Things looked bleak, especially as one elephant stampeded into the Indian infantry. Alexander moved in to finish off the poor unit of infantry, which routed. The stampeding elephant then moved into the companions, and sent Alexander routing off the field. Meanwhile the phalanx got to Poros, and left him dead on the battlefield. But with elephants stampeding in all directions, and both C in C's out of action, at this point it was impossible for anyone to do anything. Both armies were in chaos due to the elephants. So it was declared a bloody draw.

Picture is a stampeding elephant hitting the argyraspids from the flank, while a general looks on ineffectually.

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