Sunday, January 17, 2010

FOW Competition in Launceston 16-17/01/10

The Launceston Gaming Club ran a very successful FOW competition over the weekend. There were 14 entrants, including 4 from Camp Cromwell (counting Nick, though the LWC also claim him) & 2 from the Kingston FOW group. The comp was run on the standard FOW system with 5 swiss roster rounds (3 on Saturday & 2 on Sunday). Missions fought were Encounter (2x), Breakthrough (2x) & HTL. All three groups contributed terrain pieces to make up the 7 tables. Armies were 1500 pts from Afrika or Ostfront. There were British, Russian, US & German & Italian coys represented. Blue on Blue was mostly avoided, but the swiss roster made some inevitable.

Nick (US Rifles) won best general after beating John from Kingston (also US Rifles) into 2nd place in the last round.

Steve won best overall wargamer (those Grenadiers look so good).

The Launceston Gaming Club (Doug Colbeck in particular) did a great job organising & running the tournament. All involved had a great time. It is now up to us Hobart blokes to return the favour - plans are afoot for a return tournament in Hobart next Oct or Nov.

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