Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thursday 28/01/10 at Camp Cromwell

Mark & Jim's Bersaliglieri
Renfrey & Joe's Austalians

2000 pts Free For All

The Ozzies (on RHS in pic)n put their 3 Rifles, HMGs & Matildas on their right, 2x4 25pdrs in the centre & 2 pdrs & 3x3 bugs on the left.

The Ities put Bersaglieri in the scrub on their left, another Bersaglieri to the right of it with Semos & mortars behind. then M14s & artillery in the centre (75s in front, 100s behind).  The L6s were on their right.

The Ozzies advanced on their right - 1 rifle + HMGs & Matildas behind the hill & another rifle thru the scrub.   The 3rd rifles dug in on the objective.  The artillery went tank hunting & the bugs began moving to the right.

The Ities advanced their centre Bersaliglieri into the scrub & moved the Semos & M14s to their left behind the ridge.

The Matildas advanced over the hill to take on the Ities armour.  With the help of the artillery they got a couple of M14s, but were then swamped & bailed.  They were temporarily saved when the Bersaliglieri failed tank terror to assault & finish them off, but the semos got them next turn anyway.  The Rifles & Bersaglieri in the scrub then mutually destroyed each other while the Itie armour cleared the infantry off the ridge & the other Bersaliglieri advanced in support. 

On the other flank the  bugs moved towards the centre then charged forward towards the Itie artillery while the L6s charged down the flank around the hill & attacked the Brit artillery.  With support from mortar smoke the L6s started to wear down the artillery while the first platoon of bugs was destroyed by direct artillery & 47mm fire (left behind by the Bersaglieri).

But the battle was won on the other flank when 2 M14s, 5 Semos & the Bersaglieri made a combined assault on the rifles on the objective.  When Joe threw 3 1's with sticky bombs in the counterattack on the M14s it all fell apart for the Ozzies.  The Bersaliglieri took over the assault & finished them off.  The second pic shows the Ities massing for the attack on the objective.

It was a much better battle than Tuesday's.  We all had our moments of good & bad luck/moves.  The big Bersaliglieri battalions from the new NA book are fun beasts.

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