Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Metaurus 207 BC

Mark & Joe as Carthaginians v. Jim & Renfrey as Romans

Battle fought on 8x6 table using Camp Cromwell Rules.

The Carthaginians got first turn & with good activation dice advanced on the whole front.
The Romans also advanced in the centre, but they held their cavalry back on their left & began to move some of Nero's force from the right - infantry to the centre & cavalry across to the left.

In the centre the Carthaginians put their Ligurians in front holding the Spanish in reserve.  On their left they advanced their (pretty second rate) Gauls slowly through the scrubby hills.  On their right the elephants lead to charge on the Roman horse supported by heavy cavalry while light cavalry sceened off the Auxilia peltasts.  The citizen spearmen were advanced between the cavalry & the Ligurians.

On the Roman left the Auxilia drove off the light cavalry, but were in turn taken out by Gallic horse.  The elephants & heavy cavalry made hard work of the Roman front line heavy cav.  Nero's cavalry arrived too late to save the front line, but in time to save the second line.  So the flank was pretty well a draw.

The Legions smashed through the centre of the Ligurians & then charged on to punch a hole in the Spanish line behind.  But things did not go so well on the flanks.  The Citizen spearmen beat the legion on the LH end & the triari was required to finish off the LH end of the Ligurians.  The Ligurians on the right actually won & with Gauls lapping around the flank Nero's legion was hard pressed.  Nero's triari plugged the gap in the centre, but when it was beaten by Spanish infantry the Roman's failed morale.

In the real thing, the arrival of part of Nero's force on the Roman left flank was decisive - turning the battle in Rome's favour.  Ours was a close run thing too, but our Nero couildn't quite do enough.  But it was a close run thing, the Carthaginians had a hole in their centre & were close to a morale test also.  A good game - we all enjoyed it. 

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