Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Oz Day 26/01/10

Renfrey & Rich's Australian Inf
Mark & Joe's Afrika Korps Armour

2000 pts HTL, Austalians defending.

The Australians put a rifle platoon on the exposed objective, double artillery in rear, rifles & 2pdrs in ambush.  In reserve they had Matildas, HMGs, Rifles & 3x3 bugs.
The Axis had 2MkIIIshorts HQ, 5 MkIIIshorts, 5 MkIVshorts, 105s, Panzer Grens & Bersaliglieri.

The Axis rushed the forward objective with their armour.  The Australians dropped the 2pdrs behind the objective & rifles on its flank, but they just didn't have enough firepower on the spot to stop the panzers.  The panzers drove the infantry off the objective wiht their turn 3 attack, though with high losses.  The surviving rifles failed to unpin to recontest.  The artillery & 2pdrs failed to hit the panzers to force anotehr morale test, the oz reserves were too late to help, so it was all over at the start of the Axis turn 4.

The game was lost on deployment - the Australians just did not defend the forward objective well enough.

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