Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Camp Cromwell 09/03/10

Knaust's Assault - ABTF Mission 3

Germans: Joe & Rich
Brits: Byron & Jim

The Germans were Confident Trained with 4 Panzers (III's & IV's), 2 Panzergrenadiers, Heavy Platoon & 105's.  The Brits were Fearless Vet paras, reduced by 3 platoons by losses in previous missions.

Knaust's force started within assault range of a Brit platoon (pic 1) & overwhealmed it on turn 1.  But the Paras died hard, bneating off the 1st PG platoon with heavy loss and taking out half the 2nd one before being destroyed themselves.

The Panzers advanced cautiously using houses as cover from a 6pdr (see pic 2) until it was taken out by infantry assault.  The Panzers attacked the objective among the houses (the one in the open being covered by 6pdrs moved up under the bridge).  Their first assault was beaten off& although beaten off again, they reduced the paras to 1 team who failed sole survivor.  But the Brits had moved 2 platoons up from  across the bridge & although one was mauled by 105 fire they held the objective.  Brit rifle fire finished off the PGs supporting the Panzers. The Panzers tried again and this time lost badly and failed morale.

The Germans lost the Mission, but from a campaign point of view did ok as they destroyed 2 Brit platoons. 

Next week we do the final and deciding Mission.    The Germans have a similar force again, but plus 2 Tigers & an armoured panzergrenadier platoon.  The Brits don't get the 2 destroyed platoons back, but still have a formidable defensive force & the Germasn have to get across the table to the objectives - looks like a good scenario.

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