Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Camp Cromwell 16/03/10

Hummel's Assault

The final battle of the 4 battle campaign for the Arnhem Bridge.
Germans: Steve & Joe.
British Byron & Jim.
UN observer: Rich.

The Germans advanced methodically clearing the way house by house.
The Brits hunkered down and played to hold on until turn 11 when the mission would end.
The Germans reached the objective with their Panzers on their turn 10, but the Brits immediately counterattacked.  2 MlII's were bailed on the objective by a 6pdr & a Piat & the Glider Pilot platoon counterattacked.  The 2 remaining operational tanks (MkIV's) could only bring their coax mgs to bear, but 6 shots at 4+ got 5 hits, 4 of which killed and the counterattack stopped dead.   The remaining pilots still disputed the objective, but although they beat off the last turn tank assault, Panzergrenadiers rushed off the bridge to finish them off and gain victory at the last moment.

This was  a winner take all finale to the campaign but the Brit's good showing in the first 3 missions meant that the reuslt was just a minor German victory.

The pics are all taken from the Brit side of the battlefield.  The wrecks on the bridge are from previous missions.

The last pic shows the Panzers just reaching the objective defended by the Glider Pilots on teh left.

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