Sunday, March 21, 2010

Camp Cromwell News 21/03/10

Modelmakers & Collectors Exhibition

The Kingston guys put on a pretty impressive D-day exhibit at the exhibition.  I didn't have my camera, so I only have a phone pic but gives you an idea - & that's just the centre section.

Adult Ed Class in Flames of War

Adult Ed have accepted my proposal to run a  course in Flames of War.  It will be at the Kingston Adult Ed centre on the four Thursdays in August - four three hour sessions.  The target audience is people who are interested in wargames, but don't know how to get into it, &/or want to try before they buy.   Maybe we'll get some new recruits.

Hobart FOW Tournament in October

Planning is proceeding slowly but systematically.  Progress report below - feel free to make more suggestions.

Venue:  Steve's RSL Club is booked out, but other options are being investigated, including St George's Church Hall opposite Camp Cromwell, Adult Ed in North Hobart & St John's Hall in central Hobart.  At least one of them should come good.  If you have any other options please scope them out and report.

Tables:  I have talked to the Kingston guys & they are keen to help out.  Between them & us there should be no difficulty in setting up say 12 tables - which I anticipate as a reasonable objective & limit.

Public Liability Insurance:  The plan is to affiliate Camp Cromwell with the Model Makers & Collectors Association so we can get under their cover.  This requires a $20 one-off fee for the group membership plus $10 per member annual sub.  Membership benefits include discount at McCanns.  I expect that we need at least all the organising committee to sign up to get the PLI cover.

Funding:  I intent to use the Adult Ed tutorial fees to establish a Camp Cromwell slush fund we can use to pay expenses.  These should be recouped from entry fees.  Any suggestions on what we should charge ?  Should be enough to make sure those who register show up, but not so much as to put them off.  (At Launceston they charged $15).

Proposed Period:  I propose Late War (as we had Mid War last time) & 1500 pts. Platoons must be from a published book, not a pdf.  Players must bring the relevant book if not Fortress Europe.

Blue on Blue:  I propose that players who don't like Blue on Blue may bring a second army of the same type (both Infantry, both Mech or both Armoured), but on the opposite side, to use only if they draw a blue on blue. 
Eg:  You may nominate a 7th Armoured Coy as your prime army and a Panzer Coy as your second - then you use the 7th armoured unless you get a blue on blue.  If both players have a second option they may either agree or toss for it. 
Note that this is optional - players may bring just one army if they wish.

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Anonymous said...

Very interested in tourney.

Also, we are struggling with recruiting numbers up here - can we look to your idea re AdultEd for Northern Tas?

Cheers Nick Ridge