Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Camp Cromwell 02/03/10

A Bridge Too Far: Mission 2 - Graebner's Assault

Brits: Jim & Rich
Germans: Joe & Steve

The Germans decided to take a long view and try and kill as many Paras as they could rather than just rush across the bridge.  This turned out to be a flawed option.  They did do a bit of damage to a couple of platoons on the move but not enough to force morale tests.  An assault by Panzer grenadiers down the stairs failed to dislodge the Paras in the houses below & was beaten off.  Meanwhile the force was being attritted away.  The Germans did not suceed in killing any Brit platoons and failed to get any platoons over the bridge.  So the Brits get 6 VPs to add to their 4:3 win last week.

The mission is really about a turkey shoot  it's set up so the Germans are going to get shot up, but can still win the battle due to the VP system.  It would have been more exciting if the Germnas had done that.

On Saturday, Jim's &th Armoured creamed Joe's Spevverband in a 1750pts Encounter.  They then fought a Firestorm long campaign as a boardgame.  Joe'sinexperience counted agianst him & Jim's Soviets won a convincing victory - but it was a good fun game.  

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