Friday, February 26, 2010

Maharajah Final 2009

Leigh's Death or Glory Boys
Nick's Panzers

2,000pts HTL in Tunisia, Brits defending.
Jim, Joe & Carl also present.

Leigh placed his infantry on the objective, double 25pdrs in rear, 5 Lees + 3 Crusaders in ambush & his 3 Lee HQ on his left.  There were 2x3 Valentines, 2x3 bugs & 3 boffors in reserve.

Nick had 2 88's deployed where their arc reached the objective, 1 Tiger, 2 MkIV platoons & 2 MkIV HQ.

Nick advanced directly on the objective with some caution risking bogs to send a tank over the hills on each side of his advance to hinder Leigh's ambushes.  The Crusader ambush on the hill in the centre did little before being blown away by the 88's.  The HQ Lees worried the MkIV's flank and later took on the 88's.

The Germans drove the infantry off the objective & then finished it off.  Leigh then had to drop the Lees down and rush two forward to dispute.  The Lees did little, but the 25pdrs got the Tiger & suddenly it looked bad for the Germans.  But they weren't done yet, the surving MkIVs destroyed the Lees and a Valentine platoon up from reserve & retook the objective.  The Brits had nothing close enough to dispute the objective.  But once again the 25pdrs came to the rescue by popping the last platoon MkIV & leaving the Germans with noone able to hold the objective.  They then failed Coy morale to give the Brits victory.

So Leigh is the Maharajah 2009 winner & gets his name on the trophy for the second time.
It is interesting that in the competition the Allies won all 10 battles.

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