Friday, February 12, 2010

FOW (Late War) at Camp Cromwell

Rich's Canadians
Jim & Joe's Speverband.
1500 pts Roadblock on 6x4, Canadians attacking.

The Germans ambushed the Canadian Crocodiles with their Hetzers & blew them away.  M10's tried to counterattack but missed the wiley German vets & were promptly destroyed by the Hetzers & Stugs.  This left the Canadians with just 3 infantry, Priests & wasps.  The Germans had 105s on the table with their Hetzers & Stugs at the start & they were soon joined by their 2 Sperr platoons, Pioneers & mortars.

The Hetzers went on a succesful Priest hunt while the Stugs waited for infantry support.  The wasps did some damage on the left flank, decimating the mortars & hurting the 1st Sperr, but the Stugs got them eventually.  The Canadian PBI were being pounded by artillery & HMG fire & when the Hetzers destroyed the platoon with the HQ attached, the Canadians failed army morale (& also lost an objective).

The Canadians lucked out from the start.  While both sides were unfamilar with the mission, the attacker seemed to have more scope for suffering from it.  Losing his best 2 platoons in turn 1 made things pretty hard & the Germans throwing almost straight 5+'s for reserves didn't help.

Pic 1 is after turn 1.  Note burning Churhills on the road & M10s on the hill.
Pic 2 is at the end.  The Hetzers have taken the objective on the hill in the centre.  One of the smokeballs is a Stug that was Piatted, the rest are Canadian.

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Anonymous said...

I have to say, even though I did get creamed, that it seemed a pretty realistic scenario.