Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Camp Cromwell 02/02/10

Renfrey's Australians
Jim & Joe's Fucilieri
in a
1500 pts Cauldron on 6x4.
Renfrey spread right out with 2 rifles & HMGs dwn & 25pdrs in ambush.  This made the Itie deployment a bit cramped at the ends of the table, though they were lucky enough to get one in each corner & just managed to avoid an artillery magnet.  The Ities had 100 Hows & 25 pdrs up one end & 2 Fucilieri up the other.  Oz reserves were Matildas, bugs, another rifle & mortars.  Itie reserves were L6s, Lancias, Guastatori & mortars.

The Ities started off sitting back & blasting away with 2 batteries & their 47mms while the infnatry began sneaking forward.  The Ozzies attacked the artillery with one rifle  platoon while hunkering down on the other flank.  The Ities lost their 25 pdrs & half their 100s before te Gusastari arrived to save the remainder.

On the other flank the L6s came on in nice time to support the infantry attack.  With HMGs & 47s in support, the L6s & Fucilieri swarmed over the HMGs & 25 pdrs to take an objective.  The 1st Oz reo was too little too late.  An infnatry counterattack on the L6s was beaten off for an Itie victory.

Renfrey was very unlucky with his reserves - none until turn 6 & then just 1.  But the Ities have learned how to use the new Africa book organisation & played them well.

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