Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Camp Cromwell 23/02/10

Arnhem Bridge: FOW Mission 1 from A Bridge Too Far

Joe's Kampfgruppe Brinkman
Refrey's Brit Paras

Also present: Jim, Byron & Rich. (Steve dropped off some needed armoured cars but couldn't stay).

The scenario sets the terrain & the starting locations for the Brits.  The Germans start deployed on a small area in one corner.  The Germans win the mission by capturing one of 2 objectives.  If they win they gain an advantage in later missions.  Regardless of win or loss of the mission, any whole British platoons are destroyed for later missions in the campaign (partly destoryed ones are brought up to strength).  The Germans get a new Coy for each mission, so losses don't hurt them.  The terrain is the town around the bridge viaduct - the river is actually the RH table edge in the pic & is used for all 4 missions.  For this mission, the Germans have come on in the far LH corner with objectives on the roads on the other side of the viaduct.

The Brits have mostly infantry with just 2 mortars, 2 HMGs & 4 6pdrs for support.  The Germans in this mission have one Panzergrenadier platoon in HTs, one dismounted, a heavy platoon, an armoured HT platoon & artillery off table.

Both sides fumbled a bit in unfamilar territory, but the Germans made steady progress.  The armoured cars took an objective on the German turn 6, but the Brits counterattacked and contested it before the next turn.  Time then ran out (on turn 7) so the Brits won the mission.  With everyone being Fearless Vets casualties were high on both sides.   The Brits lost 3 platoons (with another down to sole survivor), so it wasn't a bad result for the Germans campaign-wise.

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