Friday, February 19, 2010

Launceston 18/02/10

Nick & Nick's SS Panzer
Jim's 7th Armoured
1500 pts Encounter

The Brits started with 2 Cromwell platoons + HQ (2 Croms + 2 Crom CS) on the table - all deployed in wheetfields near the centre.  They had a 3rd Crom & a motorised infantry in reserve.
The Germans had a Jagpanther on one objective & 4 MkIVs + HQ MkIV on the other.  They had 3 armoured AAHTs, 3 Neblewerfers & Panzergrenadiers in reserve.
The Jagpanther advanced on the uncovered objective.  The Brits smoked it and charged towards it.  The MkIV's Mardershuffled.  The Jagpanther fell back as the other Crom platoon came on from the flank near it., but it didn't escape - the Brit stopped the smoke for close range fire & one of the Fireflies popped it.
The German AAHTs arrived to cover the objective.  The Panzergrenadiers also arrived, but on the wrong flank.  The MkIV's moved left & the Panzergrenadiers doubled after them.
The CS Cromwells & 2IC had been left back to cover the Brit left & they rushed forward & destroyed the Panzergrenadiers in one turn.   But the massed Cromwells on the other flank could only manage 2 bails on the MKIVs.  They promptly got back in & the MkIV's reply destroyed 2 of the Cromwell platoons.  The motorised hadn't arrived & thus the Brits had lost 2 of 3 platoons on the table (the 2IC platoon not counting).  Thus they had to take a Company morale test - which being reluctant, they failed.  In one turn the Germans had gone from hopeless to victory.

Being early in the night we played on to see what would  have happened if the Brits had passed morale.  The motorised arrived immediately, so no more morale tests for the Brits.  The Cromwells quickly destroyed the AAHTs & the Neblewerfers on one objective while the 2IC platoon took the other objective.  The Germans passed company morale, but the MKIVs couldn't cover both objectives on their own, so the Brits won the non-battle.

The club had the usual 30+ attendance - mostly fantasy & sci-fi games but about half a dozen involved in FOW.

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