Saturday, February 13, 2010

Nick in Launceston

Three FOW games. Nick B (sperrverband) vs Starn (Guards Tankovy). Starn lost this on deployment when the Sperrverband got the village to hide in, and then lost the die roll so the Sperrverband got to shoot first. The few German tanks took out one tankovy (shermans). The T-34's lived in fear of the PaK40's. The IS-2's were invulnerable -- but while they were moving up the German artillery killed the Russian arillery, the hetzers snuck through the village and popped the t-34's, and suddenly Starn was on army morale.

On the second table there was a fight between some US paras and the SS. The paras lost their supports early, and were forced to hang on faced with Panzer IVH's -- there wasnt enough terrain for the paras to sneak through to an objective.

There was a third battle but only rumors reached your author -- though Aggro did seem happy afterwards :)

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