Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Camp Cromwell 16/02/10

Jim & Renfrey's Canadians
Steve & Joe's Speverband

1905 pts Hold the Line, Germans attacking.

The Attacker/Defender dice at the start was probably a bad place for the Germans to throw a good dice.  The Canadians dug in two lines of infantry - one in the cornfield in front of the objective, the other just behind it.  A 5.5" battery was deployed in rear with 6pdrs & M10's in ambush & Priests, Wasps, Crocks, HMGs & more infantry to come.

The Germans advanced cautiously.  On their left the Hetzers & 2 Sperr, on their right Stugs & Pioneers.  Their 105s, heavy mortars, inf guns, Paks & 88's lurked in the rear.  With the support of the Hetzer shuffle in a wood, the Sperr destroyed the first line of infantry, but one of the Sperr platoons, weakened in the assault was destroyed by artillery & the remaining Sperr didn't dare press on alone.

On the other flank the 5.5" battery kept the Pioneers pinned down & systematicaly destroyed the Stugs & Paks.

The Germans made a last desperate attack with the Hetzers coming out to meet the Crocks.  But the patient Canadians finally dropped their first ambush.  The M10s moved up to get rear shots on the Hetzers & killed two.  The Crocks bailed one & they failed morale.  THis left the Germans in a hopeless situation & they conceded.

Pic 1 is at the start.
Pic 2 shows the Hetzers coming out of the woods to their doom.

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