Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Camp Cromwell 11/05/10

Firestorm Market Garden

Jim & Joe's Allies v. Rich's Germans

The Allies used lessons learned and this time advanced on two roads to provide some redundancy in supply arrangements.  It consequently took longer for the main column to reach Nijmegen this time, but they got there in the end after some scary German counterattacks were beaten off.  A well timed assault on Arhem Bridge by the Paras at the end of game turned the game into a solid Allied victory.  Again a game of exciting swings of fortune, but with both sides in with a chance right to the end. 

Nick called in for a time - he's back from Paris for a short break, but off again soon.  I've also also found out what's happened to Barrie - he's also joined the foreign legion & won't be back until July.

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