Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Firestorm Market Garden

We had a first look at the Firestorm Market Garden Package.  As with Firestorm Bagration it can be played as a campaign, or as a boardgame.  There are also 2 stand alone battle scenerios and 2 new generic Missions.

With me going OS at the end of the month a campaign is not on just now, but the stand alone battles & the boardgame look well worth the price of admission on their own.  The boardgame has generally the same rules as Bagration, but the supply is different, there are airdrops & a unique strategic situation with lots of different options.  It looks like a very good game.  

Tonight we did one of the battle scenarios.

Hunner Park Scenario:
Jim & Rich's British  v. Steve & Joe's Germans

The Brits have to attack & take objectives quickly. 
The Germans put up a sound defence & withstood the attack without too much difficulty. 
The Brits found plenty of excuses:
1) Too many of those damned L's on Steve's Lehr dice.
2) The Brit commanders both excelled at failing infantry saves.
3) A new scenario is aways harder for the attacker.
4) The terrain was knocked up quickly & had a couple disrepancies that didn't help (though the Brits didn't make full use of the available cover anyway).
5) One of them had a cold.


Anonymous said...

we must also add how many shermans can fit behind one building

Anonymous said...

ha! ha!