Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Camp Cromwell - FMG Missions

Hasty Assault:
Jim's Welsh Guards v. Steve's Panzer Grenadiers, 1750 pts, 6x4 table.
As armour, the Brits had to attack.  They deployed infantry & artillery at the start & waited for their armour & 2nd infantry to arrive before attacking on their right flank.  The infantry used the cornfield to cover their advance withing striking distance of the village.  The Cromwells & Challengers swamped the German anti-tank units platoon by platoon, then supported the infantry attack through the village.  There were some wild swings of fortune as first one side then the other failed to capitalise on opportunities. A desperate counterattack by Panzergrenadiers dripping Panzerfausts might have saved the day for the Fatherland, but the fausts missed.

Joe's Spevverband v. Rich's Canadian Mech, 1500 pts, 6x4 table.

Joe got the better of the tank duel and generally inflicted a lot more casualties, but failures to unpin the Reluctant Vet infantry after the Canadian artillery bombardments delayed their advance to the extent that the Canadians were able to hold onto an objective at the start of turn 6 to win the game. 

Both missions are good additions to the mix.

Pic 1: Jim's 2nd infantry advance on the right.  The Tanks come on in the next 2 turns & overtake them to lead the attack.
Pic 2: The massed Cromwells overwhelm the Paks in the corner before turning to the centre.
Pic 3: The Breakout battle begins.
Pic 4: Thye Breakout battle ends.  The Candians hold the far objective beside the cornfield & the Germans aren't quite withingdisputing distance.

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