Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Camp Cromwell 25/05/10

Jim's US Mech (Italian front CV's)
Joe's HG Panzergrenadier from D&D
1500 pts Free for All.

The table had a river dividing off 1/3.  Both sides put an infantry platoon on the objective on the small side of the river & dug in, so the battle was decided on the other flank.

The Germans dug in on their objective with heavy mortars behind.  Their Panthers advanced in the clear ground in the centre.

The US advanced immediately on their left with a large infantry platoon using the corn field to cover their advance.  Their armour & mortars lurked behind the central village.  The TD carbine teams moved into the village.  The mortars smoked the Panthers as the Shermans took off to the left to support the infantry.  The Panthers were caught out of the action reduced to long range move & shoot at concealed targets by the smoke and the threat of the 2 TDs drooping in the village behind them if they moved too far.

The US infantry rush though the cover supported by tanks quickly overwhelmed the Panzergrenadiers on the objective giving the US a decisive win.

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