Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Gabiene 316 BC

Antigonus (Joe) v. Eumenes (John Mumford)

Both armies were pretty standard Successor types - phalanxes, agema, companions, greek heavy cav supported by elephants & light troops. Eumenes had more infnatry & elephants, but Antigonus had much more cavalry, plus a command advantage in his son Dimetrious as a subordinate general.

Both sides lead with their right but John's plan was better executed.  His weak left delayed the bulk of Joe's cavalry while he won convincingly on the other flank.  Thus when the phalanxes scrummed down in the centre he was able to put in flank attacks from the right before Joe could do the same from the other side.

Both pics are from behind Joe's left, John's army on the left.  Pic 1 is soon after the start - both right flanks are advancing.  In Pic 2 the battle is well underway with the battle rotating about the phalanx scrum in the centre.

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