Friday, April 09, 2010

A visit to the Van Diemen Wargames Club

Joe, Jim & Steve attended the Van Diemen Wargames Club's monthly (2nd Friday)  meeting at the Rosny Library.  There were about 20 people there all except us playing fantasy or sci-fi, but they were welcoming & not at all adverse to a FOW presence.  Attendance is free the first time you show up, then $3 at night.  They had about 10 tables set up & more in the store.  There was a spare board for us to try out my new Challengers.

Joe's Panzers v. Jim's Welsh Guard Armoured Recon (Steve assisting Joe).
1500 pts LW Breakthrough, Germans attacking.
The Welsh had 2 6pdrs, infantry, a Cromwell/Challenger platoon + 4 Cromwells (2 CS) in HQ.  Another tank platoon was in reserve.
The Germans had Neblewerfers, Panzer Grenadiers, 5 MkIVs, 4 Stugs & HQ Stug.  A Kampfgroup of 3 Stugs was the flanking force.
The Welsh deployed up one end where there was cover & moved up on the objectives in the cover of woods.  The Germans sent MKIVs followed by the Panzergrenadiers in their trucks to the left & the Stugs to the right.
The Welsh reserves were brought on behind the Panzergrenadiers & destroyed 2/3's of them.  The  remaining truck passed morale but doubled to the rear not to be seen again.  The MkIVs were then pincered between the reserve & the main tank force & destroyed.  The German flanking force came on and took out a couple of Cromwells, but were in turn swarmed by tanks & finished off by the infantry.
Now it was turn 6 & the remaining Stugs had to move forward out of cover to contest the objective.  Avoiding the Cromwells & Challengers, they attacked & destroyed the 6 pdrs in the wood to get within 40cm of the objective.  The Welsh then attacked the remaining 2 Stugs with 8 Cromwells, a Piat & infantry.  They failed to kill any & the infantry was beaten off with heavy losses.  But it was only a matter of time before the 1's & 2's stopped - the Stugs didn't survive the next attack, leaving no Germans near the objective.

Pic 1: Overview with Joe & Steve setting up on the left.
Pic 2: The MkIVs get swarmed.
Pic 3: The end, the last Stug in the wood has failed morale & bugged off.

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