Sunday, April 25, 2010

Nick in Paris

I finally got to the wargames club in Paris. There were 7 people present: 2x games of Field of Glory (FOG), and one game of Legends of the High Seas. All figures were painted to a high standard. The FOG games had that typical setup of gorgeous figures and abstract terrain. But some figures were truly gorgeous!!!! The pirates game used some 'made in china' cheap houses to great effect -- it looked a lot of fun.

I also went to the two wargaming shops in Paris. Paris metro area is 12 million people. There is not a single stockist of FOW I could find. Descartes is a GW stockist that also has board games, puzzles, german family games, etc. About 1/2 the size of Area 52(not including the playing area). FG Miniatures is a pure miniatures shop. A lot of 25/28's, but also some 15's. I bought some corvus belli, but only because I felt obliged to buy something after spending so much time browsing. Most of the range was 28's, especially Perry samurai, wwI, old glory 25's, etc. There was a pile of old glory 15 napoleonics in a corner, but nothing I needed. There are also a bunch of GW stores in Paris. But in the end Paris has a population almost 50 times Hobart - but neither store was as nice as Area 52. We need to appreciate how lucky Hobart is to have such a great little store!

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